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Antonym or Synonym?
Intermediate Adjective Antonyms
Basal Reader Antonym Match

Compound Words

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Break It Up: Compound Words
Compound Word Match – Jobs
Compound Word Match – Nature

Compound Word Match – Sports
Make a Compound Word


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Contraction Practice
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Contraction Game
Un-Contraction Game

Pick the Correct Contraction
Where Does the Apostrophe Go?

Context and Definitions

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Science Word Definition Game

Tom Sawyer Vocabulary Context
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Foreign Languages

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English Spanish Vocabulary
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Spanish and English Math Match
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Spanish/English Color Match

Parts of Speech

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Elementary Adjective Antonyms
Elementary Adjective Synonyms
Pronoun, Proper, Singular, Plural

Story Blanks: Parts of Speech

Suffixes and Prefixes

Suffix Meaning
Prefix Meaning


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Homophones Game
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Homophones Game


Animal Slang Game
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Money Slang Game

More Idioms Game


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Primary Science Syllables
Primary Math Syllables
K-2nd Vocabulary Syllable Game


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Vocabulary Games

Kids love playing vocabulary games online. Flash games make it easy for teachers teaching vocabulary to prepare their vocabulary lessons for their vocabulary classes. Kids’ facility with learning vocabulary increases quickly thanks to educational games that kids enjoy playing. Kids become experts with different vocabulary enrichment tools like online homophone games, synonyms, verb forms and syllables in no time, thanks to cool online games like vocabulary crossword puzzles and vocabulary matching games. Elementary schools and middle schools are incorporating fun online games into their regular curricula as playing games, learning songs and watching videos online provides the results teachers want for their students. And best of all, kids have fun while learning!