Science Games

Children are inherently curious about science. As they get older, children tend to gravitate towards all things that encompass the unknown. In school, science classes begin teaching children different science vocabulary terms. One way to learn all these new terms is through studying. However, constant studying through lists and books can be boring. Another way to learn science vocabulary is through great online games. The games here will not only keep the attention of your curious student, but will also keep them learning! Many teachers have even started using online games to assist in their classroom teachings. Online science games can be a great tool for the classroom while teaching science lessons.

Science Experiment Games

Play Word-O-Rama
Science Word-O-Rama
Unscramble Worksheet
Science Printable
educational word game
Science Unscramble
Play Speedy Speller
Science Spelling

Play Letterfall
Science Letterfall
Play Hang Mouse
Science Hangmouse
Play Word Search
Science Wordsearch
Match 3 Science Game
Science Match Three