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The Black Stallion

The Black Stallion is a classic novel written by Walter Farley. It is currently published by Random House, Inc. Books like The Black Stallion are an integral part of language arts curriculum. This story is all about the adventures of a teenage boy and his unique bond with a wild horse.

The story begins when Alec Ramsay is returning back home on a ship from a visit with his Uncle in Arabia. The ship sinks, and Alec is consequently trapped on a deserted island with a wild horse he names “the Black.”

The Black Stallion’s summary continues with Alec and the Black Stallion learning to rely on each other for survival. Once rescued, Alec and “the Black” begin working with a racehorse trainer who signs them up to compete in a competition.

This book is important for children to read because it shows the bond that can develop between a human and an animal. It also demonstrates what can be accomplished with hard work and determination.

This Black Stallion passage reflects on the first time Alec encounters the wild stallion. “Once again the Black screamed and rose on his hind legs. Alec could hardly believe his eyes and ears-a stallion, a wild stallion-unbroken, such as he had read and dreamed about.”

Another Black Stallion passage captures the beginning of Alec and the Black’s bond. “That night Alec lay wide awake, his body aching with pain, but his heart pounding with excitement. He had ridden the Black! He had conquered this wild, unbroken stallion with kindness. He felt sure that from that day on the Black was his-and his alone!”

Since The Black Stallion is a story for students currently in fourth through sixth grade, teachers can implement a few games to remind the students about the book. First, teachers can obtain copies of different breeds of horses, including one of a black stallion. Students can form two groups. The first group to correctly identify the black stallion among all of the pictures wins. Additionally, teachers can put together a spelling list, or use this ready made fifth grade Black Stallion spelling list, and students can use this list to practice not only their spelling, but also their knowledge of the book. Finally, students can gather outside in the playground to compete in a game of horseshoes.