Are you facing a summer attending summer school? Traditional summer school sure does make it seem like a LONG summer… but it doesn’t have to be! Over the past few years, the scope of summer school has changed. What used to be long days at school during the summer has changed into using online curriculum to cover the skills needed to pass a grade. One of Learning Games’ favorites is Time4Learning. It’s online summer learning that’s super fun and engaging.

Some students may not be required to take summer classes, but may need to engage in summer learning opportunities to keep at grade level for next year. Another one of our favorites is Vocabulary and Spelling City. It’s a super fun place for kids to review content from a previous grade. With specialized Vocabulary and Spelling lists from science, math, and foreign languages, Spelling city strengthens literacy skills across all subjects.

Parents can create their own summer learning goals to keep kiddos learning during the summer. We like to use these math learning games as well as  these geography games for kids at our house!

Summer is also a great time to hone your writing skills. Even elementary students can improve their writing skills with online summer writing programs. With several different courses to choose from, developing writing skills will be the last thing you’re worried about at the end of the summer!

If you’re just worried about staying sharp… here’s an article with Three Creative Summer Ideas for Teens.



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