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It may seem early to teach children about money in kindergarten math, but in fact, they will probably have already learned a thing or two before they even get to school. Money is something children will deal with for the rest of their lives and starting early helps them have a strong foundation of the basic concepts. If you want to get started with your toddler or preschooler, you can check out all the online activities that are available. You will even find plenty of math printable worksheets, (just do a search for kindergarten money worksheets) if you’d like to do something more concrete and also practice writing skills.

Curriculum varies by state, but in general, kindergarten students will learn some basic things when it comes to the topic of money. Students learn to identify coins and their values. They need to understand that there are values attached to money and that it can be exchanged in order to get goods and services. They will most likely practice counting money and grouping and sorting coins. They’ll also learn that different coins can be used to represent a given value. For example, five pennies is worth the same as one nickel. They might even learn some basic kindergarten math vocabulary terms like wants, needs, and choices.

Money can be a difficult concept for children to understand. It’s a good idea to reinforce these skills at home whenever possible. You’ll find plenty of games for learning about money. And don’t forget that the old fashioned method of practicing with real money is fun too!