Venn Diagram

A Venn diagram is a tool for organizing things into categories. It can also be called a set diagram. A Venn diagram is composed of two or more intersecting circles or ovals. Each circle represents one quality of the things being sorted. The things that have a quality are placed in the corresponding circle. Things that have both qualities are placed in the intersection of the circles or sets. Things that have only one quality are placed in the outer section of the appropriate set. For example, if the Venn diagram shows Webbed Feet in one set and Four Legs in another, ducks, geese, and swans would be placed in the outer area of the first circle. Squirrels and cats would be placed in the outer section of the other. Golden retrievers would be placed in the intersection, because they are an animal that has both four legs and webbed feet. Venn diagrams are used for writing, math, science, or any subject in which objects or ideas need to be classified. Students can use a paper or online Venn diagram to organize words or thoughts. They can also make a Venn diagram out of strings to sort and organize objects.


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