Sentence Stems

Most kids are asked to do a lot of writing in school. For some kids this is an easy task. Others simply stare at their blank piece of paper and don’t know what to write. Many of these kids just need a little help to spark a good sentence idea. Sentence stems are pre-written sentence beginnings. These two to five word sentence starters can help kids get their creativity flowing. The Sentence Stems graphic organizer provides the space to type five sentences and a bank of fifteen sentence stems for kids who need to jump-start their creativity. Sentence stems work in many types of writing assignments. They can help when students are writing about their own life or experiences. They can help students practice using their spelling words correctly. In addition, sentence stems can be used to help students write about a topic they have been studying. Sometimes it just takes the start of a sentence to help students access and use the knowledge they already have!


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