Paragraph Burger

A good paragraph has a strong topic sentence, three meaty supporting details, and a concluding sentence that wraps everything up. That’s a lot of elements to think about at one time. A graphic organizer is a tool that can help students to organize their thoughts, make sure they have all the information they need, and present the information in a way that makes sense. Once they’ve filled it out, they’re ready to write! All the information they need is already placed at their fingertips in the graphic organizer. A great graphic organizer for paragraph writing is the paragraph burger. This picture of a bun with meat and fillings gives students dedicated space to write the five important parts of their paragraph. Students place their topic sentence in the top bun, a supporting detail in each of the three fillings, and the concluding sentence in the bottom bun. By the time students have finished filling out the paragraph burger, they’ll have their meaty paragraph all put together! As students begin writing they won’t have to worry about missing information because the graphic organizer guides them through step by step. Instead, they can concentrate on word choice as they make their paragraph the best it can be.


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