Word System

In school, students learn a lot of new vocabulary. Some vocabulary is learned through reading. Other new words are learned through looking for the best way to write or say something to make a point. Still others are directly connected to the curriculum in English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science or Math.

One way for students to really understand a new word is word focus: to look at that one word in many different ways. A word system graphic organizer helps students look at many aspects of the same word and places everything on one page or screen.

The word system looks like the solar system. The word is written on the sun. On the planets surrounding it, students input the part of speech, definition, description, drawing, synonyms, a sentence, and a drawing. By the time students have compiled all of this information about the new word, their understanding will have grown in complexity and depth. Graphic organizers like the word system are great ways to learn and practice new vocabulary!


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Word System

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