Difference of 2 Graphic Organizer

Graphic organizers are a great way to help students see number combinations whose difference is the same number. As they find equations that lead to a common difference, students will make connections between numbers and operations. They’ll get a sense of what subtraction really means. By using graphic organizers, students will also begin to memorize number pairs that will help them solve more complex math problems in the future. In the Difference of 2 Graphic Organizer, students fill in 2 equations that have the difference of 2. This exercise helps students with number and subtraction automaticity. Using a graphic organizer allows students to look at the numbers and the equations in new ways. They will make connections that aid their learning as they grow and the complexity of required math tasks increases.


Difference of 2
Difference of 3
Difference of 4
Difference of 5

Difference of 6
Difference of 7
Difference of 8
Difference of 9

Difference of 10