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Using Graphic Organizers to Learn Vocabulary

Learning new vocabulary is an important part of any subject. Young children acquire new vocabulary at an astonishing pace. As they grow older and the subjects they study become more specialized, students must learn new words that may not be familiar from everyday conversation. That means that these words can be harder to practice and learn. Graphic organizers can be a great help in learning new vocabulary words. As in other subjects, the visual presentation of graphic organizers can help some learners internalize the information more quickly. In addition, graphic organizers can help students think about different aspects of new words and make connections between words or between word parts. Compare or contrast graphic organizers require students to think about how two different words relate to one another. Word system, glossary entry, and word details graphic organizers require that students think about many aspects of the words they are learning, including how to use it correctly. Rhyming charts and word parts organizers encourage students to think about the parts and sounds of the words, making these types of organizers good for reading instruction, too. Graphic organizers can help your students make connections, learn, and use their vocabulary words. Choose the organizers that work best for your students and their lists.