Presidents’ Day falls a week from today. What better time to test your knowledge of the former presidents of the United States of America? Learning Games for Kids has games of all levels to put your knowledge to the test.


educational card gamePresidents & First Ladies Card Flip challenges players to match the names of presidents with the names of their wives. It’s trickier than it sounds because the first ladies are listed by their maiden names.


educational gameAnother great game for testing your knowledge is Match ’Em Up. In one version players choose which Presidents and Vice-Presidents worked together. In another they match the nickname to the president.


educational gameNow if you want to get really tricky, try Type It Presidential Inaugurations. You’ll have to guess the year of the inaugurations of several presidents in order to win. This is great for AP History review!


If you’re still learning about the presidents, we’ve got learning activities for you, too.

educational gameUnscramble challenges players to spell the names of the presidents by rearranging the letters in their names.



amphibian spelling gameSpeedy Speller challenges players to quickly spell words while listening to sentences that teach about former presidents. Choose Fun Facts I, II, or III or George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or John Adams. Every game will help you learn as you play!

So bone up on your Presidential Knowledge in honor of Presidents’ Day, and have a little fun with learning!

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