Crustacean Games & Videos

educational video crustaceans
Pistol Shrimp Video
educational crustacean video
Blue Lobster Video
educational video spider crab
Japanese Spider Crab Video
educational video horseshoe crab
Baby Horseshoe Crab Video

jigsaw puzzle game
Pistol Shrimp Jigsaw
jigsaw puzzle game
Blue Lobster Jigsaw
jigsaw puzzle game
Japanese Spider Crab Jigsaw
jigsaw puzzle game
Baby Horseshoe Crab Jigsaw

educational games and videos
Crustacean Line Match
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Crustacean Spelling Game
educational games
Crustacean Letterfall
educational spelling game
Crustacean Hangmouse

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Crustacean Wordsearch
Play Unscramble
Crustacean Unscramble
Play Word-O-Rama
Crustacean Word-O-Rama

Crustacean Games & Videos

Crustaceans live in the ocean. Some types of crustaceans are crabs, lobsters, and shrimp. Crustaceans are an integral part of the food chain and are eaten by many larger ocean animals. Even humans consume crustaceans. Each crustacean has a segmented body and are protected by their hard exoskeleton.

Crustaceans are often studied in a science curriculum along with other ocean animals. The curriculum includes science vocabulary that relates to crustaceans. Along with the vocabulary, teachers enjoy including games and puzzles in their lessons. Practicing with games about crustaceans is helpful to students by reinforcing the material. Another great benefit to these games is the increase in spelling, reading, and retention skills.