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The letter Q is the third-least-used letter in the English language, only J and Z are used less frequently. Q is an unusual letter in other ways, too. Though many of the letters in the alphabet show up in regular letter combinations, for example, “th”, “ea”, or “ss”, the letter Q is always and only followed by the letter U. The only exceptions to this rule are found in words that originally come from other languages, or in qwerty, a made-up word that describes the placement of keys on the American English keyboard. Use alphabet games to help your students practice identifying the letter Q. Online games make the learning dynamic and fun. As students match letters by their shapes, they gain proficiency in letter recognition. You can also have children play letter games together. Play a matching card game like “Go Fish!” using letter cards. As children learn, decks can be assembled to make the game harder or easier. For example, for an easier version, use letters that look very different like uppercase Q, T, M and S . For a harder version, use letters that look similar, like lowercase Q, P, B, and D. With practice, Kindergarten and preschool students can learn to identify all the letters of the alphabet.