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Data & Probability

In second grade, data and probability are important parts of the math curriculum. Students begin to learn more complex concepts and learn new second grade math vocabulary terms. They will actually be using statistics at a very basic level in order to analyze the data. They’ll need to compare data by using the information that has been collected or that has been given to them. This includes using charts and graphs. Students will be introduced to the terms range, median, and mode, which can be difficult concepts to learn. They’ll also be asked to interpret the data and make predictions.

Probability in second grade math involves using appropriate vocabulary and interpreting the data. Students will learn and apply basic concepts. They’ll use probability terms like possible, certain, impossible, likely, most likely, and least likely. They’ll practice making predictions based on the data. This might include using spinners or flipping coins to learn about activities of chance. Such an activity might involve having students flip a coin or spin a spinner 50 times so that they can analyze the results. Data and probability in second grade might include some complex terms, but it shows that students can have fun with math.