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Algebraic Terms

Learning algebra in first grade involves studying the rules of operations. It is also an understanding of what symbols represent. So, what do first graders learn when it comes to algebra?

In 1st grade math, students will expand their first grade math vocabulary and learn to use number sentences with symbols that show the operation. A basic number sentence looks like this- 2+3=5. They will learn about addition and subtraction number sentences. They’ll also be asked to compare numbers or sets and tell if something is more, less, or equal to something else. They might even be asked to complete number sentences with one unknown. For example, 1+__=2. Word problems will also be introduced and students will need to learn how to use the information to create a number sentence that will help solve the problem.

First grade algebra also involves recognizing, extending, and creating patterns. In addition, students will be asked to identify common attributes among a group of objects and to pick out those that don’t belong or that don’t fit within the group.

First grade math is a time when students have already learned the basics when it comes to numbers and counting. Now they’ll be asked to use those concepts and skills and apply them to more advanced algebra.