Fabulous Fruits and Veggies

April is the start of the fresh fruit and vegetable season across the country, and that season begins with red, sweet strawberries. Even though we can get strawberries throughout the year, nothing beats spring berries for color and flavor.

Play Fruit Stand Video

Kids love sweet strawberries and other fresh fruits, and they’ll love them even more when they’ve seen the Fruit Stand Song video on LearningGamesforKids.com.

This colorful, engaging video will have kids bopping to the beat as they learn to identify new kinds of fruits. Watch and sing along, but be sure to have a fruit snack for your kids to munch. They’ll be ready after the video!

If your preschooler loved the Fruit Stand Song, check out our other animated preschool learning songs. They’ll help them learn about the alphabet, animals, and more. Music videos at LearningGamesforKids.com provide fun and learning as one!

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April Showers…

may bring May flowers, but they can also make it hard to run outside and exercise. If you can’t go out, use the time to brush up on your health and fitness knowledge!

Play Molar Madness

Learning Games for Kids offers games and puzzles to help you increase your knowledge about your body and how to stay healthy. Play the Labeling Game to identify body parts. Tackle Molar Madness to show how much you know about teeth and dental care. Test your reflexes and your knowledge with Healthy Snack Separation. The Health Games section will make learning about staying healthy fun!

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Math for Standardized Tests

Standardized tests are looming. You know that practice will help, but drill and kill can be boring and turn your mind “off” when it needs to be “on”. Take a different approach, practice math in a way that’s fun and new with Learning Games for Kids online math games.

Play Arithemetic Game

Learning to speed your way through computation will allow you more time to solve and double-check test questions. Plus, there’s a sense of achievement when you reach a goal and move on to the next level. Bus Driver’s Math helps young children estimate amounts quickly. Quick Math has students quickly identify the operation that makes the equation work. For more advanced students, Arithmetic Game encourages them to complete multiple operations within one problem to arrive at the correct answer.

Challenge your brain and speed up your game with math games on Learning Games for Kids!

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Spring Colors

It is almost spring! Trees, bushes and plants are preparing to let go of their drab, winter colors and burst into flower. Bright colors will soon be everywhere. Get ready for spring by learning about color.

Watch Color Mixing Video

Learning Games for Kids has games and activities to help children learn about colors — from matching to mixing. Match Three: Colors tests color knowledge by having players match the colors to make groups of three. The Color Mixing Song teaches about primary, secondary and tertiary colors. For even more interactive fun, Color Mix allows players to mix primary colors to make secondary colors. Kids will be learning their colors and having fun!


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