The Third “R”

Throughout my school career one small problem often tripped me up on math tests. It wasn’t word problems, logic, or even geometry. What was it? Arithmetic! I’d think my way through complex problems and formulas but make a simple arithmetic mistake and get the problem wrong!

Play Flash Cards Plus Game

One way to solve this frustrating problem is practice. Automaticity can be achieved through practice of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. Math Flash Cards help students at any level practice their arithmetic. Online flash cards correct and give feedback as you go. It only takes a few minutes a day to improve your memory and your speed!

Play Math Man Game

Need a little incentive to practice? Math Man is an arcade-style math practice game that’s a great reward for your hard work.

You can find Flash Cards and Math Man at Before you know it, you’ll have nailed your arithmetic and you’ll be acing all your tests!


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Halloween-y Fun!

I know kids who start planning for Halloween on November 1. Do you? It’s such fun to plan the costume and anticipate the candy, not to mention the excitement of visiting all the neighbors in the dark. One school district I know plans the teacher’s yearly in-service day on November 1. This allows the kids to stay up a little late on Halloween and spares the teachers a class full of students with been-up-too-late-eating-too-much-candy syndrome.

For kids who just can’t get enough of Halloween fun before or after Halloween, has some great online games.

Play Match Three with Body Parts Game

Some kids relish the ghoulish parts of Halloween. For kids who love skulls and bones and body parts, try Match Three Body Parts. Players swap body parts until they have three matches lined up. Then, the parts disappear and the game continues.

Myths About Superheros

Other kids love the idea of being a superhero. Find out whether or not a spidey sense can tingle with Superhero Myths, a short Mythbusters Video that explores whether superpowers really could exist. There’s one truly gigantic real spider in this video, so beware if you’re an aracnophobe!

Play Arachnid Falls      Play Typing of the Ghosts

And for the kids who love the creepy crawlies and scary ghosts? There are two great keyboarding games for you! Arachnid Falls is a typing game that’s just full of our web-building friends. The only way to keep ahead of them is by typing –fast! The Typing of the Ghosts challenges you to enter the creepy castle and type the word on each ghost before it gets to you. When you finish the word, the ghost disappears.

So if your kids can’t get Halloween off their minds, send them to to have fun with Halloween while improving their matching, science, or keyboarding skills!


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Primo Printables

Just getting our family out of the house in the morning includes hauling tons of stuff. In fact, each year our stuff includes more and more technology: multiple cell phones, a tablet, an e-reader, iPods, laptops. We’re not ready for the day without these important tools.

It’s great to have access to so many learning and communication tools. On the other hand, there are times when technology just isn’t the answer. Perhaps the batteries have run out or the wifi’s down, or maybe you want your kids to take a little time to focus on a learning activity without the intrusion of social media, games, advertisements, and audible or visual noise.


On, there are loads of printables for just such an occasion. Choose by subject and by grade to print a crossword puzzle that will help your student learn important terms and vocabulary. Math terms, social studies terms, and science terms – we’ve got multiple topics in each category.

Next time you’re headed out and you want to include a little low tech brain work, give our printables a try.


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What is “deportment” anyway?

Depending on where you live in the United States, school might have started a month ago or it might have started just last week. No matter when it started, you’re probably spending time in class talking about literature. Students who have just returned to the classroom are talking about their summer reading books while students who are already back in the school swing may be delving into literary classics as a class.

When you read a new book you’re likely to encounter words you don’t see every day. For example, Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë includes words you probably know, like fidget and ferocious, but it also includes words that are a little more unusual, like deportment, interpose, and morose.

Play Word-O-Rama has games based on words from many classics of English literature. Choose a title and a game, and get to know the spelling and definition for each word simply by playing and having fun. And if the book you’re studying is not featured here? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Simply go to our sister site, Vocabulary Spelling City and enter a list of words you’d like to learn from a book you’re reading. Then choose a game and get practicing! When the fun’s done, you’ll be yards ahead of where you started.

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