Spring Has Sprung!

Well… maybe it doesn’t feel like it if you live up north. Nevertheless, the calendar says it is spring. And even if the weather is not fabulous yet, it’s a great time to start thinking about gardening.

Here’s an inspirational video from our sister site Science4Us that can help you along the way to making a home or class garden from a few containers or used tires.

 Play Fruit Stand Video                   Learn about health foods.                  Play Old McDonald Video

Get little kids into the act at LearningGamesforKids by learning some songs about fruits, vegetables, and Old Mac Donald’s Farm.

takeANotePlants weirdWacky

Elementary kids can try free demos from the Science4Us Plants module. Take a Note demonstrates how to perform experiments with plants by using controls and variables. Weird and Wacky introduces real plants that are astoundingly unique.

Still looking for more? Here’s a fun science fair project that’s all about plants and leaves.

No matter where you live or whether the weather’s perfect for planting or perfectly awful, you can get ready for spring gardening with LearningGamesforKids and Science4Us!



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Science Fun!

Are you wild about science? Do you love finding and trying out new concepts?

Science4Us is an online science curriculum for kids in K-2. It helps students build science through interactive online lessons, games, and offline hands-on activities. Assessments are built in and online assessments automatically add the students’ score to their file, making things easy for the teacher or parent.

Introductory and open-ended activities, both on and offline, help students access their knowledge and develop questions about the topic. In Exploring the Universe, students get to “fly” through our solar system.

Four to six minute lessons in each module teach the main concepts, checking viewers’ comprehension along the way. Here’s a lesson all about motion.

Kids learn from online games like Camouflage which challenges kids to find the camouflaged animal in each picture.

Parents and teachers of students in grades 3-5 are finding that Science4Us makes a great science review and sometimes teaches skills students don’t yet have. For example, this Take a Note activity helps students learn what controls and variables are.

Ready to have some science fun? Click through to Science4Us and see what you can learn!

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Can You Find Your Way Around a Keyboard?

In this age of computers, keyboarding is an important skill. In school and in workplaces, the ability to type and type quickly helps you to get more work done—and it might even help you land a great job.

For most people, learning to type is simply a matter of practice—as long as you build good habits along the way. If you practice with your fingers in the correct positions, you’ll keep getting faster.

Typing games can make your practice time fun instead of tedious. At Learning Games for Kids we’ve got tons of different keyboarding practice games. There’s one to suit every player’s skill level and style! Here are a few of our favorites:


Play Type ItType It: Learn to Type the Home Keys is a great activity to start your finger placement out right. Level one begins with the keys alone while levels two and three include words that can be made of letters on the home key row.


Play Type Type RevolutionType Type Revolution puts your typing practice to fun music that you choose, helping you to stay motivated to practice. Timing is key in this letter practice game and after a quick warmup the letters begin to come quickly enough that hunt-n-peck is simply not an option.


Keyboarding And TypingIn Speedy Typer players listen for the word to type, so it’s a great spelling activity, too. Practice states, colors, sports, or animals. They’re all fun. The faster you type, the better your score!


Think you’ve mastered it? Use Typing Speed Test Try the Typing Speed Testto check your score. The test gives words per minute (WPM) and accuracy percentage. These numbers are great for job seekers to have to add to their resume or prepare for the typing test before the interview.

Look for these and other typing games on LearningGamesforKids.com

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Presidents’ Day

Presidents’ Day falls a week from today. What better time to test your knowledge of the former presidents of the United States of America? Learning Games for Kids has games of all levels to put your knowledge to the test.


educational card gamePresidents & First Ladies Card Flip challenges players to match the names of presidents with the names of their wives. It’s trickier than it sounds because the first ladies are listed by their maiden names.


educational gameAnother great game for testing your knowledge is Match ’Em Up. In one version players choose which Presidents and Vice-Presidents worked together. In another they match the nickname to the president.


educational gameNow if you want to get really tricky, try Type It Presidential Inaugurations. You’ll have to guess the year of the inaugurations of several presidents in order to win. This is great for AP History review!


If you’re still learning about the presidents, we’ve got learning activities for you, too.

educational gameUnscramble challenges players to spell the names of the presidents by rearranging the letters in their names.



amphibian spelling gameSpeedy Speller challenges players to quickly spell words while listening to sentences that teach about former presidents. Choose Fun Facts I, II, or III or George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or John Adams. Every game will help you learn as you play!

So bone up on your Presidential Knowledge in honor of Presidents’ Day, and have a little fun with learning!

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