New Games Build Phonics Skills!

Learning to read can be hard, but knowing phonics makes it easier. That’s why our sister site, VocabularySpellingCity recently introduced some brand-new phonics games. Each new game and activity has visual and oral elements to help players connect sounds with letters, syllables, and words. And they all reinforce comprehension, too. They’re a great way to strengthen reading, literacy, and language skills.

TeachMe More gives children a chance to learn new words. In TeachMe More children explore spelling, syllables, sounds, context in a sentence, definition, and part of speech. Buttons allow children to choose what they want to hear or read. Repetition helps children who are learning to read or say new words to learn them quickly.


SillyBulls really make learning fun! SillyBulls is the game that helps children learn how to divide words into syllables. Children hear and see each word multiple times. They sort by syllables, say it aloud, and hear a contextually rich sentence, reinforcing vocabulary skills as well.


Helping children recognize initial and final sounds in words helps them learn to read. Initial Sound Speller and Final Sound Speller help players focus on these important sounds while having fun. As they play, students learn to connect how the sounds correspond to spelling.


These games are a great way to help kids who are learning to read. They’re also fun for adults or kids who are learning to read English! Try them with our pre-made lists. Love them? A premium membership allows you to create your own lists to use with the games. That’s perfect for reading groups, writing workshops, or review!

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Logic Fun for the Family

Winter Vacation is a time to relax, to play, and get together with friends and relations. Logic games can be fun and challenging to tackle alone or as a group.

 Pet Center

Pet Center Logic Game

Pet Center challenges players to match pets to their new owners. Each clue gives just a bit of information, allowing players to slowly eliminate possibilities until they reach the solution.

logic puzzle game

Sliding Block Game

The Sliding Block game requires spatial skills to slide the red block out of the square. Can you move the blocks in the correct order to set the red block free?

 fun mousetrap game

Mouse Trap Game

Mouse Trap is a great game for a crowd. Decide where to fill the hexagons in order to trap the mouse.



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Oh, the Weather Outside Is Frightful!

It’s that time of the year again, the start of the winter chill. Some kids glory in the weather, while others dread it. Either way, we’ve got games and activities to make sure you have fun – and you might even learn a thing or two!

Conduction & Radiation

To get a little warmth back in your life, check out our science activities. Conduction and Radiation is a fun science video that teaches about two types of heat energy. Just watching  warms you up because it’s filmed at the beach!

Heat Card Flip

Heat Card Flip is another great chilly day activity. It’s a fun memory game that challenges you to match pictures with the heat energy terms.


Explore Weather

Do you prefer playing in the snow to hiding from it? Our sister site,, has a great activity for that! Try the Explore activity from the weather module. Choose a snowy weather scene and the clothes you’d wear to go outside!

No matter how frightful the weather, we have fun, interactive games for you to play!

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Thanksgiving Fun!

The holidays are approaching and they’re bringing along tons of family fun, excitement, and To Do lists for packing and chores. With all the hubbub, kids can have trouble settling down — just when parents and teachers have extra holiday preparations on their hands.

Here are three suggestions for ways students can learn and play in the lead-up to Thanksgiving.

Play Word Search

Play Speedy Speller

1)     Learn about North America before the settlers arrived. The European settlers brought farm animals with them, but what animals were here before they arrived? Try our North American Animal Games to find out! Interactive online games make for fun at home, and there’s even a printable activity to keep kids busy for the long car ride to Grandma’s house!

Play Jigsaw Game

2)     Complete the North America Jigsaw. Notice the shapes of the continent of North America and the oceans that surround it as you construct this jigsaw puzzle map.


3)     Play games with Thanksgiving-themed spelling lists. Our sister site, VocabularySpellingCity, has three lists to help students practice Thanksgiving-themed words: Harvest, Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving Feast. Pick a list, and then choose from our games, quizzes, and writing activities. Fourteen of the games and activities offer printable versions, too! They’re great for car or plane rides or post-feast to give out to the kiddos while the grown-ups take a nap!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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