First Day Jitters?

If you haven’t started school for the year already, your first day is probably coming up quickly. It’s easy to be nervous about a new school year because you’re not sure how things will go. Dusting off your academic skills can help you feel confident in what you know. Playing a learning game is a fun way to practice the things you already know and prepare your brain to learn more.

Here are some great back-to-school games at

View Wheels On The Bus Video

Riding the school bus for the first time? Get ready by singing along!

educational games

Practice spelling words from your favorite books. Here’s a game based on Madeline.

Diet Soda & Mentos Experiment

Do you remember what you learned in science class last year? Get your science on with fun video experiments like this one that shows what happens when you mix Mentos candies and soda.

learn antonyms

Wow your English Language Arts teacher by showing off your knowledge of antonyms and synonyms!

Play Math Search Game

Forget how those parentheses work in equations? Brush up on your algebra skills with Math Search.

Don’t let the jitters get you down! Chase them away with fun back-to-school games. It’s going to be a great year!


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Organized Learning with Symbaloo

There are a lot of social media sites out there. Some sites are primarily for connecting with friends while others help you share ideas and interests with strangers. Symbaloo is a site we’ve recently discovered that’s a great organizer for students, educators, parents, and homeschoolers.


Symbaloo users create webmixes like the one above. Each button on the webmix links to a favorite or commonly used link. When you need to go to that site, just click the button and Symbaloo will take you there. You can make your own. You can also use premade webmixes. Here are some of our favorites:

Save your favorite webmix to your home page so that all of your favorite websites are available every time you log on. Share them with your students, or let your students create their own. It’s a great way to organize learning resources. Want to get started? Register for a free Symbaloo account here.

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Night Skies

One of the great joys of my childhood was staying up late in the summer. We used to lie in the grass, listen to the crickets, and watch the darkening sky. Stargazing is a great way to let your imagination roam. It’s also a great way to learn about the moon and our galaxy.

Learn About Constellations

Encourage your children’s interest in the stars with Constellations on . They’ll watch a fun animated poem and then have the opportunity to make their own constellations on the screen.

Organize the Sky

Ready for more night sky activities? Organize the Sky is a puzzle on our sister site, Science4Us. As students put the strips of the night sky in order, they think about the things that are on Earth and in space. They consider what is nearby and far away.

Lunar Tune

The moon is another important element of the night sky. It was full on July 12 and will be again August 10 following the new moon on July 26. Watch Lunar Tune on Science4Us and then lie back in the grass to note the moon’s phases.

No matter where you are this summer, you can use games to ignite your children’s curiosity about the night sky. And when you lie back to contemplate the stars, you’re not simply relaxing, you just might be building life-long memories.


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Phew! Temperature’s Rising.

You really know it’s summer when the temperatures begin to rise. But you don’t have to stop learning just because it’s hot! At Learning Games for Kids we have great science games and videos that help you learn about heat energy while keeping your cool.

Learn about conduction & radiation

Watch a video lesson about conduction and radiation to learn why you get hot on a visit to the beach. By the time you’re finished watching you’ll understand why it’s hard to walk on the hot sand and why your skin gets hot when you stand in the sun. Click the Heat Energy Tab to find even more games to play!

Still sweating for fun science activities? Our sister site is a complete K-2 science program. Check out the online demos and hands-on activities and projects here. There’s a lot of cool summer science fun to dive into!

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